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To Wilder Dreams & Creating Space || A Husband & Wife Photography Team

California Boho Photographers

We sat there, gazing out at the vast ocean before us. Our rental car’s overpowering “new car” smell mixes with the salty ocean air.

Together, we ask the hard questions.

Together, we dive into the deeper conversations that produce wilder dreams.

Together, we muse “What’s next? How can we go further? How can grow, scale, produce more creatively? Are we spending our time on what really matters? What do people need? Want? Long to experience? Why and where’s our place in being part of the solution?”

New waves crash and a sand -covered kid walks past.
Nearby, a seagull found his lunch, finally, after so much concentration.

We know one thing is clear: Something needs to change to allow more creative output. I’m learning to ride the waves of change – even of prospective change – and how it makes me stronger. Produce more artfully and grow. Perhaps most importantly, how to create with more heart & vigor.

Looking over, I tell him that I’m restless for more.

I love this journey. I love what this lil’ business allows me to do and more recently, what it allows Stephen and I to do together. But the in-between? The days where I feel like all I’ve done is piddle away on email and other mindless tasks? That’s where the untapped potential lies.

Those minutes of in-between…They’re calling for better discipline. For more efficiency. For more clarity. For space. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, no room for the “just do more,” attitudes. I actually don’t think that’s healthy. But rather, solutions seem to appear best in environments of space & breathability.

Another set of waves rolls in.
Stephen opens the car door, slips on the backpack of gear and says, “C’mon, let’s see what’s around the corner…”

California Photographers

We didn’t come up with the answer. But we started the conversation. And that’s step one.
This week we’re in California (follow along, real time, adventures on the Insta Stories – @PattengalePhoto)

And as I look out at these surrounding palm trees and the jagged rocks along the coast, I’m allowing space this week to think through what’s next. What can be.

What are you dreaming about?

–Tara M

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