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Why I Photograph

  “Love. We know it when we see it. We feel it and try to remember it. But, often, we struggle to put it into words…” The new Pattengale Photography website (coming oh so soon) is filled with words like that. They’ve been ringing in my ears and directing my thoughts for the past week. […]

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REBRANDING: My Long-Distance Valentine


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  The past few months have seen a lot of travel, a lot of personal growth, and a lot of forward-thinking business ideas. Friends, I cannot wait to share more with you of what’s coming next for Pattengale Photography!!! There are local artisans coming on board, relationship focused services, and a BRAND relaunch….but I’m getting […]

GOING FULL TIME : 4 Questions & Answers After 1 Year of Business


  There is mystery, a particular dose of curiosity you suddenly feel, about a person you encounter in a great photograph. They have somehow managed to get past their personal insecurities and have grabbed hold of a something real. Sometimes there is a look of desperation in their eye. Sometimes it’s an invitation to quit […]

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Encountering Authenticity : Why I Photograph


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