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As a young girl, I kept a journal and then when Stephen and I got married, we wrote our vows into a journal we shared as a couple. On this lil’ corner of the internet, I want to invite you into our virtual journal’s stories and musings.  I hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration along the way. You can expect a mixture of our recent photography work & adventures, lifestyle tips, current obsessions, and personal stories of us behind the scenes too! I’m so glad you’re here!

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  I told a friend before boarding my last flight this past week, “I spent my spring planning, organizing, and scheduling this summer’s travels. Now I’ve done them all…” And let me tell you,

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From the Insta : June

  Can it be July already? I mean, really?! Back in May when I looked at June I realized that things were about to get real busy real quick. June over delivered on places

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From the Insta : May

  It would be an understatement to say that the past month and a half has been a blur of activity. There have been the normal ups and downs that anyone else would experience,

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From the Insta : April

  The iPhone is quite simply the best thing ever invented. The camera. The apps. The sleek design. The GPS for this small town girl and her directionally challenged mind. The way Siri can

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