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From the Insta : May


It would be an understatement to say that the past month and a half has been a blur of activity. There have been the normal ups and downs that anyone else would experience, though mine seem to have been based on geographical locations. We’re literally half way through June, and I’m just now recapping May’s Instagram activity, but hey, better late than never!

  • Little red dresses & re-discovering my love for gardening (by you know, visiting a garden center and not buying a thing)
  • Posted my first engagement session this year
  • Kept reminding myself to be brave – even when life is so different than what I thought it would be
  • Reunited with a few dear friends from across the country
  • Mother’s Day wishes to the Momma
  • Packed for a long visit to Indiana

While I was back home in Indiana…

  • Lots of cuddling with #TeddyTheKitty
  • Enjoyed small town vibes, local eats, and the breezes
  • Featured a favorite “A Day in the Life of…”
  • Explored historic downtown Lafayette, Indiana for a Weekend Wear shoot
  • Picked flowers from my garden
  • Shot a quick session with the Momma and Dad

This trip to Indiana wasn’t for the most pleasant of circumstances, but we made it through. And will continue to do so. Part of those 20 days meant spending time at the hospital, early mornings, and pain for everyone. Sometimes life gives us things we don’t know what to do with, so we face it together – I’m grateful to have been there for Dad. And blessed to help cheer Momma as she bravely recovers. From the Insta:

In sickness and in health: none of us saw this coming a year ago. Funny how sometimes we think that certain things will never happen to us, just other people. And crazier still is how God proves His faithfulness in expanding our hearts in compassion and equipping our minds, emotions, and bodies with strength. We’ve been through the wringer with chemo and three surgeries. But today, we start what we hope and pray to be the road to final recovery. Our lives have been changed and our hearts will be forever sensitive to those who hear those dreadful words of “diagnosed,” “breast cancer,” and the ominous “death.” Our souls can rejoice and replace those with, “hope,” “healing,” and “survivor.” It’s been a struggle. But we take one step at a time and recognize that it’s a step forward and therefore a celebration! –> mom is doing well! Thanks for the prayers! Also, my dad is the freaking man! :]

For the remaining days of May

  • Coffee – we made our own lattes
  • No makeup days
  • Taught the Momma the basics of social media

I’d say it was a pretty good month! If you want to stay up to date in real time, follow me on Instagram: @PattengalePhoto.

Until next time, happy gramming!


–Tara M


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