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I told a friend before boarding my last flight this past week, “I spent my spring planning, organizing, and scheduling this summer’s travels. Now I’ve done them all…” And let me tell you, it’s surreal. I’m overloaded with happiness at the people from around the country I was able to visit with. I’m also overloaded with work that those travels have brought about. But I’m thrilled when I stop and look back at what a summer I had. There were many points of tears, layovers, and bad internet connections that made the going rough at times, yes. And yet, somehow, I wouldn’t trade it.

Here’s my Insta’s version of what July held (though many more will leak into August I’m sure!)…

  • Shot Kevin & Rachel’s gorgeous destination wedding in Michigan
  • Spent 4th of July with my parents & childhood friends at Indiana Dunes
  • Blogged my first wedding of the year – Travis & Selah’s Rustic Farm wedding
  • Because it’s wedding season, Weekend Wear featured one of the bridesmaid dresses I’ve been able to re-wear for everyday style
  • Successfully began working out again – I am a yoga girl (hence the el nat-ur-el power breakfasts)
  • Blogged Keith & Alli’s redemptive love story
  • Did I mention their couple session was a destination shoot at a New England estate?!
  • Not specifically pictured, but Momma & I went shopping (new pieces blogged for Weekend Wear)
  • After three long months of being apart, I saw my guy again
  • Vacationed with his family in Galena, IL – where photo shoots, watching movies, relaxing in the hot tub & playing games happened
  • Also not pictured (…why?): Being a bridesmaid in Betsy’s wedding
  • Flew to Kansas & helped throw the most feminine bachelorette party ever (with real china) for Sarah!
  • Went on a spur-the-moment shoot with Jessi (@Echo_Photo) and Stephen after the #Kirbyeverafter wedding
  • Drove through the night with four favorites to Colorado after said wedding
  • Explored cute places in Colorado & photographed a new family of 3
  • Continued in giving Stephen photog lessons – he shot this past Weekend Wear *proud moment!
  • MY BIRTHDAY happened – 23!!!!!!!!!!
  • ^ a day full of surprises & delicious food
  • Started a new book
  • Edited & blogged Kevin & Rachel’s wedding (though, it was technically posted in August…shhh!!). This one goes down on the books as a new favorite for the personal & emotional connection, hours of work, growth & lessons learned, & joyful client responses that came from it. Such a highlight!

Seriously. July has always been a favorite (I wonder why…), but this one tops the charts with adventures and growth. I’m so grateful. To read about some of the stories highlighted, click the links or better yet follow me live on the insta @PattengalePhoto!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


–Tara M.


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