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I’m Tara


As a young girl, I kept a journal and then when Stephen and I got married, we wrote our vows into a journal we shared as a couple. On this lil’ corner of the internet, I want to invite you into our virtual journal’s stories and musings.  I hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration along the way. You can expect a mixture of our recent photography work & adventures, lifestyle tips, current obsessions, and personal stories of us behind the scenes too! I’m so glad you’re here!

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Unassuming Bravery

  Just start.Just do the next thing. The underlined words jumped out at me from that dear old book. Actually, it isn’t an old book. But it’s that type of beloved book you keep

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WE’RE MOVING : Meet Me in St Louis

  I’ve deliberated immensely of how to share this news.Tears rolled down my face at first.Then slowly, as days passed, joy illumined in my heart. I see the possibilities.The clean slate.Adventures to be had.

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