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So This is 29: Celebrating My Golden Birthday

I fell in love at 22. I married at just shy of 25. Adopted a puppy at 27. And I’ve moved to my dream-state at 29.

This past year has witnessed so many challenges, unseens, and also doors opening after feeling like they were closed for so long, that it’s difficult to know what to write exactly.

From the pandemic and wondering if the wedding industry would be shattered forever to reconsolidating and establishing more-true and authentic priorities, I am filled with gratitude for what this new year brings.

Budding with potential.

Overflowing with renewed ideas and inspiration.

Delighting the eyes with new-to-me vistas, valleys, and the in-between of daily life.

Week by week, coming closer to (what I’ve done internal work on for the past 3.5 years on) my ideal “10.”

Not because I’ve “made it,” but because I’ve stopped caring so much what other people think.

Montage Beach, Laguna Beach California Photographer Pattengale Photography

Because I’ve found that having a “slight edge” means doing the very things that are easy not do and doing them anyway (great book by the way).

Trusting the process and recognizing what I have going FOR me vs AGAINST me.
Momentum where there was once stagnation.
Self-assurance where there was once doubt.
Negotiating for myself and taking up space.
Humility where there was fear covered in pride. (Wild concept: Now I know where I’m afraid and I ask for help.)
Confidence in where I want to go, what (& how) I want to build, and who I want to become in the journey where there was once indecision and panic.

Montage Beach, Laguna Beach California Photographer Pattengale Photography Montage Beach, Laguna Beach California Photographer

So this is 29.

Let the games begin.

–Tara M


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