WEEKEND WEAR || Intentionally [Re]defining Your Wardrobe – St Louis Missouri



October 13, 2017


“Touches of detail,”
I said. He nodded.
“Clothes that make me feel good,
a bit flirty / free,
and soft but with some structure,”

I continued.

Defining – or redefining – your style can be a bit difficult to put into words. 

But, you know it when you see it.

And then you’re like,
…appropriately Bruno Mars promptly begins playing in your head,
“…that’s what I like, what I like!”
and you’re doing this really cool dance that everyone is wowed by…

Pfff! See, you and I are the so similar!!

Recently, Stephen and I have been going through our closets with the following [intentional] mindset:

Does this bring me joy when I wear it?
How does it make me feel? 
What do I feel like this communicates about me?

And in all of it, one thing I keep coming back to:
Clothing inspires me. 

So when I slipped on these new shoes last weekend
(we went shopping on our staycation, LOL),
I said out loud: “I feel like a Creative in these.”

Stephen promptly responded: “Okay, then let’s get them!”

So I’m on a journey.
You with me?

I want my clothes to say something about me…

That I’m a creative.
A girl who chooses quality over quantity.
Personal joy over expectations of others. 

Someone who doesn’t settle for “it’ll do,” but rather, “wow, I love this!” type of wardrobe pieces. 

And it’s okay if that means it’s an old favorite mixed with new ones. 
The point is, is it’s a favorite. 

In weeks to come, I’ll be introducing a bit more mauve / pink into my style. Flowy & cozy sweaters. And a few other ideas – so stay tuned!

The Details || Hat: Madewell, gifted by husbae. Jean shirt: Thrifted, mens department. Crop tank: Madewell, clearance. Kerchief: Thrifted. Cropped Denim: Consignment, Avalon Exchange – on the Loop. Slip on Shoes: Aldo, clearance. Bracelet: Madewell, gifted by Husbae. Rings: thrifted & my mom’s. Location: Art Hill, Forest Park, St Louis – Missouri. ||

How would you define your style???

Happy weekending!
–Tara M


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