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WEEKEND WEAR || You Were Never Meant To Be Alone – St Louis, Missouri


She roasts her own coffee.
Burns candles & incense because she likes it.
And teaches yoga + always dreaming.

I threw on clothes (though last night we definitely had a sweatpants & cookies party) and brought breakfast over this morning. Because that’s what friends do.
They text “Come over??”
and you just do.

Josh Garrels is playing.
All is calm – despite the full bullet journal of to-do’s beside me.

Today this is what work looks like.

And while I hesitate posting something like this because it feels “#blessed,”
I am really happy AND do feel beyond grateful
to be able to have a job that let’s me pick up and go…

I don’t know what your work looks like.
I don’t know what big dreams you have that you long for,
one day, to come to fruition.

I don’t know what your relationship status is or if you struggle with the ache of loneliness. 

But I do know that we weren’t meant to do life alone.
Community – everyone needs it.
Everyone needs a friend who just does life with you.

So here’s me saying: I see you.
You, dreamer.
You, questioner.
You, go-getter.

And hey, everyone needs a little spontaneity
so tell me, what’s one thing you can do for yourself
& your dream (the one you maybe haven’t ever voiced before)
this weekend?

We’re all in this together!

–Tara M



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