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I like milestones & celebrations. They make me happy. And “From the Insta” series has always been about taking a moment to look back on how the past month shaped up. To remember the good times. To learn from the difficult ones.

But I also like check marks. They make me giddy & even a touch nerdy. And something new this year is the implementation of setting and planning both personal & business goals. You’ve seen those articles that tell say you have set goals or you’ll fail, right? I have. But I didn’t know how the heck to start! Cue, “The SMART Approach to Goal Setting.” by blogger & fellow creative, Alexandria!

Mindset. Changed. 2016 has the potential to literally be a life-changing year. And finally having something written down and knowing how to pursue that is so refreshing!

Because of this, From the Insta is going to also feature monthly goals (& how I did with them) in addition to that month’s of square pictures – February’s goals coming next week! Why?

  1. To help myself stay accountable and organized.  
  2. Give opportunity to grow together & spur one another on!

In the meantime, here’s what the friends on Instagram saw…

January was full and slow at the same time. I readjusted to being back in Richmond and began cracking down on unfinished projects, booked a couple weddings (!!!), and made time to work on setting myself up for a more organized year.

  • Hit over 1,000 followers on the Insta – seriously, that’s where the party is! Come say Hullo!
  • Went to the Downton Abbey traveling exhibit & was wide-eyed the whole time
  • Featured Amy and Nate’s Rose Garden Wedding on the blog – from my PNW travels last fall
  • Thanks to Jonas, we were entirely snowed in for 4 days
  • Babysat Llewyn & assisted his momma with tax prep and business goals
  • Shared 3 Tips for Closet Organization
  • Bucket List check-mark: Ate breakfast in front of the fire
  • Stephen and Me : TWO YEARS.

How was your January? Join the party over on the Insta at: @PattengalePhoto

–Tara M.


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