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Looking Back || Our Boho Engagement


I felt his hand gently brushing up and down my arm.
He whispers,
“…this is OUR engagement session. Can you believe it?”

All the feels course through my body as my mind tries to soak it all in.

Besides my natural bias of our story being the best thing,
here’s one thing you should know:
the way Stephen loves & pursues has inspired
– scratch that, fuels – 
many of the reasons why I am a traveling wedding photographer. 

The stuff that cuts right to the heart in giving Pattengale Couples a genuine, well-crafted, and lasting experience. Read: We know what it feels like.

We have been shown the depth of love.
Of commitment.
Of struggle and also of exuberant joy. 

And this weekend marks one year
since our engagement session.

So naturally, I’m a puddle and wanted to re-share the glimpses, the feels, the raw-i’m-done-with-wedding-planning-emotions, and some of my favorites from our very own engagement session.

Photographers who, this time, are in front of the camera. 😉

…also, my hair & his non-bearded face.

(All images by our incredible photographer,
Tori Watson Photography!)

Written this past January…

“Now, with less than a month to go of this long distance love story, I don’t know what to do. Or think. Or feel. Life changes have been significant. Planning a wedding has been dreamy and also I’m ready for it to be completely over because it’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Then he leans in.
Through the computer screen.
Or in person.
And says, “Yes, but this is our story. This is us.
Coming together. And saying hello to forever.”

“The best is yet to come,” I repeat to myself over and over.
Not because I wish away this season. But also, because I wish away this season. You get me?

And he confirms it in those quieter moments. 
I’m not crazy.
I’m his love. He is mine.

Truly, it just gets better from here.

Life with Stephen is. Well…
Loads more fun.
Wildly carefree.

So here’s to today. To remembering how exciting it all really is.
Because this is cray.

And perhaps, from one fiance to another (or, now one WIFE  to another),
life is most beautiful in the crazy.
In the mess.
In the hot mess of emotions.

In the quieter moments of inspirational reads or conversations.
Treasure them. No matter your status.
Or your To-Do’s.

Be young and free.
It’s about perspective.

–Tara M

P.S. Want more? –> The Full Proposal Story, The How He Asked Feature (including the story of how we met at summer camp!), or this very Engagement Session featured on the Brooklyn Bride! For our WEDDING, click here. 


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