WEEKEND WEAR : Solar Eclipse Edition – Columbia, Missouri



August 25, 2017


I reached over and jammed my hand into Stephen’s.
And then I scooted my chair as close as possible.
Nerves and excitement pulsed through my body as the anticipation mounted.

How dark, actually, would it get?
Like dark, dark? Or just kind of dark? 
What if we couldn’t see anything?! Read: Utter blackness.
But also, this would probably be the most electrifying,
move-you-to-tears, type of experience ever. 

So I quickly whispered, “I’m scared! AND I’M SO EXCITED.”
And then it happened.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse.
Words cannot describe the supernatural experience it truly was.

We were 100 ft away from the dead center of totality.
We were in THE number 1 spot in the entire country to experience the longest totality possible.
We were also out in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Leading up to it,
I agonized whether or not I should try to photograph it or just experience it.
I decided on the latter.

And let me tell you, I’m SO glad I wasn’t fidgeting with settings.
Because that 2 minutes and 41 seconds or so was MAGICAL.

There was something so freeing about my humanity encountering something so radical, so much-bigger-than-myself, without distraction. 

With wrinkled clothes & sweat dripping down my back,
I knew I still wanted to document something!
So Weekend Wear just get’s REAL, kind of unstyled, today…

(Photos taken within 30 minutes of solar eclipse magic)

Special Accessory: You better believe we had the most fashion-conscious eclipse glasses ever!

Items (or should I say necessities) not pictured: 
Sun Chips. Star Crunch cookies. Oh and Moon Pies.
–> All courtesy of Stephen’s Gram & Papa (whom we spent the weekend with).

If anyone knows someone who is selling prints of the Eclipse, I’d love to know in the comments!

Here’s the gang: Parents & Grandparents-in-laws. 😉

|| The Look: Shorts – Madewell, on sale. Tank – H&M, on sale. Burks – Goodwill (no srsly, I died). Earrings – Thrifted. Hat – Vinnie Louise, gifted by Bae. Eclipse Glasses: Procured by Dad-in-law. Location: McBaine, MO – just outside of Columbia, Missouri. ||

Did you watch the solar eclipse?!
What was your experience and where did you see it all go down?

Happy Weekend!

–Tara M


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  • oh my gosh it was everything I dreamed of. it was so magical and I’m so thankful to my mom for making it happen NOTHING compares to totality. 99% is light years away from the real deal. so unbelievable. words don’t do it justice. 😀 😀

    • Lottie – I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree! So fun that you and your mom were able to see totality! AH! I still get hyped about it all. 🙂


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