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AN OPEN LETTER OF GRATITUDE: To Stephen, My Love – St Louis, Missouri


My love,

People said it would be hard for us.
Hard that after dating + engagement long distance for three and a half years, we would still be “blindsided” by what living together would look like.

People said, in good meaning, that marriage can be r.o.u.g.h.
That marriage = all your weaknesses on full display.

But you know what I see?

I see you.
I see a man who’s strengths are on display.
I see selflessness & a heart to improve and love well.
That moves me.

You haven’t always felt like you were good at affirmation.
But you know something? 

Every morning
You look into my sleepy eyes and pull me close.
Then you whisper, “hi. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Indeed, you are a man who is generous with your words.

When I’m freaking out / crying (because the latter usually comes with the former),
you’ve listened, encouraged, and then just held me.

There is no doubt in my mind that marriage can be hard.
And we’ll probably have earth shattering, crap hitting the fan, times in this life.
But I know that the foundations we’re setting now will serve us well then.

Because when love leads by serving, it empowers.

Now that you’re feelin all the feels as you read this
(read: relieved I’m almost done with my gushing),
I hope you walk away knowing at least one thing:

Quite frankly, my dear,
I am grateful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving…*muah!*   

–Tara M



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