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WEEKEND WEAR : High Tops & Hats || Georgetown, Washington DC


Sometimes you just need to put a hat on go to a baseball game. Or walk around a new part of town with friends. And while I will always love the softer neutrals and more feminine outfits (especially for dressier occasions), I’m a fan of practical, casual wear as the seasons begin to change. It’s been said that the people you hang out with rub off on you. And I guess you could say that has happened to me stylistically. My guy’s love for urban wear, eno-ing, and exploring new cities just calls for an easy street style! So when he gifted me with a pristine pair of Converse sneakers for my birthday, I was a bit giddy. And immediately began styling new wardrobe combos… 

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

Disclaimer: I’m not generally a fan of wearing leggings out in public. I think there are many other great alternatives. But! If my shirt is long enough front and back, and it doesn’t look like I had a lapse in creativity, then I will. This look pairs dark brown leggings and a button down from the men’s department with a low pony tail and hoop earrings so big that they just make me feel like a boss! Also. New sunglasses!

Mix it up: Consider adding a plain v-neck (or a graphic tee if your outer layer is solid) under the button down and leaving it unbuttoned. If you need more waist definition add a more tailored outer layer of a belt to cinch the waist in! Also notice that in both looks I slightly rolled up my leggings to give the high tops a bit more of a statement & a visual break! Add a hat – with the pony tail remaining low and not coming out of the back of the hat.

I also added a pop of color with a clutch purse. While you can hold on by the handles, I prefer to fold it over and tuck it under my arm! Did you notice that this is the same little satchel I use for traveling and packing in a carry on?

Also, how cute was this little alley in Georgetown? I’m so excited to have the opportunity to explore the Washington D.C. area a little more than usual this fall. So go ahead and just prepare to expect Weekend Wear featuring the District more often than not!

|| Button down: Goodwill, menswear department. Gray v-neck: Hand me down. Leggings & high tops: Gifted. Hat: Walmart. Ring: It’s my mom’sand ‘m long term borrowing it. Hoop Earrings: Rummage sale. Sunglasses: Target. Location: Georgetown, Washington D.C. ||

What do you think of the hat? Could you see yourself wearing an outfit like this? Why or why not? Happy Friday, friends!


–Tara M.


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